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    to log in as Administrator
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    to log in as Staff Member

There are four standard member account to test the member interface.
(Administrators can create more members).

  • Rob_Robbin/123123
  • Sue_Mishgee/123123
  • Eric_Scott/123123
  • Ester_Robbin/123123


  • Database will reset every 6 hours [~6 and ~12 am/pm]
  • Timezone is 'Central Standard Time'.
  • Deleting members is disabled.
  • No confirm emails are send
  • No confirm SMS are send.
  • Any new member created in the 'Administrator/Sign Up Member' section will have the static password '123123'
  • Any new member created will see on first login a 'terms of us' agreement.
    This is a place that would show your T.o.U. to your new members.
  • Any new user created with an membership start date in the future will not be able to log in.
    Please make sure the membership start date is in the past if you wish to log in using your demo member.
  • The member interface in this demo is optimized for mobile devices. A larger desktop version like the staff booking is available for members as well.
  • There are two static dummy members in the system. One to indicate a guest player (Guest_Player), one to indicate a Coach.